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The universe was created because of energy. Human beings are generously bestowed with unparalleled levels of energy both within themselves as well as around them. When these energies work together, they create wonders. Everything from creation of fire to launching of satellites in space is a result of combination of these energies.

DUSOL invests its time and energy to convert energy from the sun. Solar energy is abundant, almost infinite and long-lasting. At DUSOL, we provide a helping hand to mankind to convert this abundant source of energy into a from that is beneficial and can be utilized. We provide solar panels to help convert solar energy into usable electrical energy. We also offer wind turbines to extract tons of energy stored in the blowing gusts of wind into usable forms. Have a look at our products and see where we are headed!


DuSOL has become part of "ARAB LEAGUE" now. We can provide Certificates like of Certificate of Origin from Ministry of Economy - UAE. So now, Arab countries mentioned/depicted on the map can now IMPORT with NO CUSTOMS DUTY.


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“Other solar lamps that I have bought failed in 4-6 hours. But, MAXIMA solar lantern worked for 3 days without charging. I am very happy with its performance. This time I am buying three more for my home use.â€Â Abdu, Uganda.
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