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Solar Panels

Some of the many technologies that are commercially available to convert sunlight into electricity include:

  1. PERC type: - Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell Solar panels perform better in both low-light conditions and high temperatures. PERC technology boosts efficiency provides several benefits like Reflection of light back through the cell and Reduced electron recombination and Reduced heat absorption.

  2. Mono-crystalline type: By far the highest efficiency in its type, mono-crystalline panels also has the highest level of expected life. The module efficiency can range from 16-18% (quite high for the industry standards).

  3. Poly-crystalline type: Typical efficiency of Polycrystalline modules would range anywhere between 12-14%. With beautiful blue and black crystalline formation on the cells, these types of panels take the technology to higher aesthetic value.

  4. Thin-film type: Thin-film aka amorphous types of modules are fairly new in the industry. Though they can potentially offer better pricing and flexibility, it will be while before a wider acceptance is seen in these type of modules. Currently with lesser efficiency and lesser expected life clubbed together with lower price per watt, these modules are preferred in off grid small capacity systems of 5W to 20Wp.

  5. Flexible: Another variant of thin-film type, flexible solar panels are usually used in solar systems for replenishing batteries. Due to its inherent property of flexibility, these panels are used in boats, RVs, and other automobiles as they assume the shape of the base. They usually come in ratings between 3W to 18W.

DuSol, a leading renewable energy store in the Middle East dealing exclusively in concept technologies for power, currently stocks panels from all the major manufacturers. However, due to global shortage of solar panels / solar cells, it is very difficult to carry stock of all the models of panels. Nevertheless, we try to have panels to meet the complete spectrum of solar panel capacities at any given time.


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