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Inverters + Chargers

Originally designed as power back up for computers, these systems have grown into becoming a larger, more powerful home appliances power back up systems.  Working similarly to an ordinary UPS, Inverter/chargers uses mains supply to charge the battery while passing it straight to the loads (home appliances).   Using the technology combination of both inverter as well as charger, inverter/charger unit provides a silent yet effective solution for the power back up needs. 

As inverter/charger units employ the same technology as inverter for converter DC into AC, practically all the options that are found in inverters are also available in inverter/chargers.   However, modified sine wave and pure sine wave units make up almost entire range.

Switching time, time required to switch from charger mode to inverter mode, is yet another feature offered by these units.  A UPS system would offer significantly lower switching time then inverter types of systems.  The downside of UPS types is that it is susceptible to voltage fluctuations which an inverter types can easily withstand.

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