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Apex Power Concepts has been awarded 2015 Sales Achievement award by Morningstar.

This is the fifth year in a row that Apex Power has bagged sales achievement awards for Morningstar controllers. Please click here to see the range of Morningstar controllers available in Dubai with Apex Power Concepts.

DuSol Wins Solar Project of the Year 2015

Superior Durability, Higher Efficiency

We are delighted to inform that DUSOL has WON manufacturer of the year - 2015 - award for SOLAR PV production in DUBAI. The award was adjudicated by a panel of 8 world renowned individuals within the solar industry under aegis of MESIA (Middle East Solar Industry Association). It is good to know that the industry notices the efforts of DUSOL and believes in them.

We thank YOU for also believing in DUSOL and extending your support in its success.

DEWA approves DUSOL modules

As its smart initiative, DEWA has rolled out a program of allowing PV systems to be integrated onto their systems. To optimize the performance of the PV systems installed while safeguarding integrity of the network, DEWA as allowed only certain selected and certified module manufacturers to be able to integrate the modules on their system.

DUSOL is happy to announce that DEWA has approved the modules manufactured by DUSOL as one of the pre-approved PV modules.

DUSOL is current negotiating on a range of projects with net integration. Please keep check this column for updates on the projects that are being implemented by DUSOL or its associated integrators.

DuSol receives accolades in MEEE '07

AAPC's aim in participation at Middle East Electricity Exhibition 2007 was to project itself as a complete renewable energy solution   providers and to make the brands currently being distributed by APC be known in the region.  In process, also try to attract institutions   attention towards renewable energy and its both financial as well as social benefits.

Through this endeavor, APC has come to know that most of the brands that are being currently distributed by them are already well known  
either through their core product or through other products.  It was therefore one task less.  Due to this, APC could concentrate more on  
its other objectives, viz., educating institutions and also corporations and benefits of solar systems and also in the process of doing so, letting people know that APC can and has been undertaking turnkey projects.  The profile of the visitors was best suited to meet the objectives.  Many institutions like Department of Health, Department of Civil Aviation, Dubai Municipality and so on visited us and spent very productive time in APC's booth.  Also, APC along with its distributors got mentioned in a few publications for its efforts and also the products.

MEEE’07 through booth ZJ29 of DuSol dealt in all renewable energy. Specially, into solar energy by providing a complete solution like solar panels from Sharp, Isophoton, GE and the Balance of System Controllers from Steca and Inverters from antrex. Making people aware about the working of the system, helping them with the configuration of the system and providing them with different alternatives on meeting their electric needs was at the core of different activities during the exhibition.

Please Click Here for Pictures

APC undertakes turnkey project for Emirates Post

Long excruciating wait has finally come to an end for DuSol.  The testing of prototype of solar system installed by APC got go ahead with initial contract awarded for the first phase.  The first phase involves providing power at 130 units of post box kiosks across the UAE.  APC has till date (23rd March, 2007) installed 11 units in the emirates of Sharjah.  Each unit requires total solar panels amounting to 475Wp.  The complexity of the system and distribution of the load requires that two charge controllers be used, one for charging batteries through PV and controlling the load through inbuilt timer and second as only load controller for load independent of .  All the installations have been 100% successful. APC hopes the installations to finish by the end of June.   Pictures of the installation are NOT available yet.  Once they are available, they shall be posted on this pages soon.

Should you want more information on the above system, you are welcome to send email on info@dusol.ae

DuSol at ADOC: ADNOC’s HSE winner The ADNOC Annual Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Award

Program is designed to recognize outstanding achievements by employees and affiliated contractors of ADNOC Group Companies in the areas of Health, Safety & Environment. In 2008, more than 170 projects were shortlisted for HSE award for the year 2008 (projects must be completed and handed over to the owner in 2008). DuSol’ project implemented at ADOC (Semi on grid system) was adjudged the BEST project for Environment in the year 2008. This award reassures the belief of DuSol in promoting projects that are truly environmentally friendly. The project, that took significant level of deliberation and engineering, was completed in 2008. The project, keeping true to its promises, was designed and implemented to avoid any use of batteries while keeping within the perimeters of the local law.


DuSol Successfully implements regions FIRST SEMI-ON Grid system

While you read this, solar modules mounted on top of  Abu Dhabi Oil Company Ltd. (Japan)'s roof in Abu Dhabi, are producing power through renewable energy. The power is directly being consumed by the IT department without any need for energy storage devices viz., batteries. This makes the solution ‘truly’ green in essence.  The  system is truly maintenance free for as long as PV produces power, which could easily reach 25 to 30 years. Moreover, displosal of batteries - which in reality is NOT an environmentally friendly act - is completely circumvented. This means, IT room of ADOC is NOW not only green in nature but also FREE from need of addition external source of energy.

The aspect that makes this system particularly unique is its inherent ability to control the flow of utility power coming in from the main power grid of ADWEA. With this unique indigeneously developed design, power is now controlled to flow unilaterally - as required by ADWEA - assuring that reverse flow of power into the utility grid is completely prevented.

Keeping in line with indiustries best practices, the system is designed to work in the harshest environmental conditions. In this system, PV was designed to power the highest level of load demand in the worst environmental conditions (extremely high temperatures, heavy sand/dust and humidity) to which the PV modules will be subjected. As long as the system is subjected to these conditions, the power from the PV will be equal to or lower than the required power (Power from the PV system varies as the sun changes its direction through the day). The additional power required for the load (IT room) above and beyond that being produced by the PV shall be taken from the utility grid. In this case, the power is flowing in from the utility grid.

However, if the system is subjectd to condtions that are better than what the PV system is designed for, the output from the PV would exceed the power required by the load. This excess energy from the PV, in normal case, is fed back into the utility grid. This is a bi-drectional flow of power at the utility grid. In order to prevent the flow back, a special control gear was developed by DuSol which assures that the excess energy is ‘redirected’ into a ‘dump’ load which will absorb this additional energy. This keeps the flow between the utility grid and the system unidirectional keeping in line with
the directions of ADWEA.

Truely creative and completely indigeneous, this system has shown exceptional reasults after being commissioned. The system has provisions in place to display the following parameters

- Instantaneous power being produced by the PV
- Total energy produced - today
- Total energy produced - from the day of inception
- Toal CO2 saved in Kilograms

These parameters are displayed real-time on a large dynamic LED display at the entrance of the main building. These parameters are also monitored in real time in the control room. The past data is logged in in a special controller which can be used to fine tune the system setting to draw maximum power from the system. The system is designed such that it dynamically tracks the maximum power point of the PV system in real time.

This exemplary system is a revolutionary kind which should be replecated in larger ways. DuSol is going to have a roll out of the system very soon. Dates and other particular information pertianing to it shall be made available through our members list on the database. It is recommened to sign up for newsletters in order to receive more information on the details.

Power produced by solar panels on 15 Nov, 2008 - Click here for more data as logged by the data logger

Click here to see pictures of the system and control system

Solar-powered plants to desalt water for animals

DuSol wishes to announce that it has secured a contract to design / supply / install and commission solar system for Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems spread across the region of Abu Dhabi. The project has been under design and supply for last 6 months and the installation of the system is going on as of today. Expected date of completion of the first pilot power plant is 10th of April. DuSol expects to bag a subsequent phase of similar systems with 14 similar installations.

A solar system based on a uniquely designed solar module for hot and humid conditions have been used in the system. These modules are called thin film tandem junction modules and are being produced and supplied by SHARP. Being unique in its characteristics, these modules need special power conditioning devices which were manufactured in a leading inverter manufacturer, SMA GmbH. The power from the modules is converted into a 3 phase 380VAC/50Hz and is fed to RTU that controls the functioning of RO system. The RTU is SCADE controlled giving a complete remote monitoring and controlling capability of the system. The water is pumped - 3 phase submersible pumps - pumps water inside a 3 stage RO system to filter the salts and sediments and purify water so that it becomes potable. Once processed, this water is pumped approximately 600m to an artificial pond. This water shall be available to wind animals for drinking. Excess water shall be used for irrigation to grow fodder for the animals.

This system marks yet another achievement of DuSol for its skills and capacity of providing turn-key based solar PV solutions to their clients requirements - even if it is complex.

DuSol Successfully implements regions FIRST SEMI-ON Grid system

Keeping true to its trading of partnering with worlds strongest manufacturers of solar components, DuSol is pleased to yet again announce its agreement with Su_Kam power systems Ltd., India for exclusive distribution of Su-Kam branded produces in the region of United Arab Emirates.

The new product will strengthen the range of inverters and batteries that APC currently distributes. The range of inverters, for instance, will broaden the
range of pure sine wave inverters specifically made for continuous operations. Home UPS range will now replace other brands of HOME UPS that Apex was distributing earlier. HOME UPS range from SuKAM ranges from 200VA and goes all the way to 3500VA. For higher range, Su-KAM has up to 10KVA and even higher inverters.

Apex is strongly committed to this venture and shall be developing a complete service center for Su-Kam products in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Kindly click here to know more about Su-Kam products.

Projects Completed by Dusol

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