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Projects Completed by DuSOL in UAE


Solar Water Pumps

Solar water pumping system, that uses energy from the solar panels directly to pump the water from underground into an elevated tank, is probably the most efficient and direct method of using solar energy. Because of its extremely efficient DC brushless motor and integrated MPPT tracker, these pumps provide high levels of energy efficiency while providing robust system performance.

Solar water pumping system, that was implemented for Al Ain University – Al Ain, was used for pumping water into the tank that was then used for irragation of plants inside the green house. Ever since its implementation, the system has been performing flawlessly.

“We are very happy with the system and it is performing as we expected. We are now thinking of going ahead and doing some research on the system on component level and monitor how each component performs. With Apex’s expertise, we will have a full solution for our needs” ‐ Dr M. Fadel : Associate Professor of Agriculture Engineering, College of Food and Agriculture, UAE University, Al Alin. UAE

Solar water pump (back ground) will now replace generator driven pump (foreground). The solar powered pump provides higher discharge rate as compared to the original pump.

System image from the front. Water well is behind the solar systems which is then used for irrigation of date palms using gravity.

System control panel just after commissioning of system (hence disarray of cables). 3 phase, 18KW (maximum capacity system) is used for powering the pump.

Projects Completed by Dusol

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