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Solar Water Pumps

One of the most important specifications to consider when selecting between the many available types of available water pumps is the type of power source that will be required to run to pump.  Electric water pumps are quite common.  These include both AC and DC powered pumps (such as 12 volt water pumps). Gas powered water pumps and other fuel driven pumps (oil, gas, diesel, etc.) are both reliable, commonly available, and capable of generate high degrees of lift. 

Almost all the types of conventional water pump technologies have been adapted into solar powered pumps. Solar powered pumps have DC powered motor with controller to regulate the power fed into the pump. Some high end types can be connected directly to the solar array and come with all the smart features including low water shut down.

As the pump is fed power directly from the solar array, the flow from the pump varies as the sun light changes. Therefore, the flow from the pump is a curve that resembles the curve below. Area under the curve is the total volume of the water pumped in a day. This volume could be equated to pumps 'highest flow rate" for about 6 hrs /day. So, if a pump is designed for maximum flow of 2500 LPH @ 100m head; total volume this pump would deliver water be equal to 2500 LPH x 6 hrs = 15,000 L per day.

While solar powered water pumps are not generally able to provide the same motive forces as electric or gas driven water pumps, they are useful in small flow situations, especially in applications that require remote placement, or in places where regular supervision is not available.



1. Solar DC PUMPS SQF range of GRUNDFOS pumps are specifically designed for solar application.  DC brushless motor with voltage rating from 30VDC to 300VDC OR 220VAC allows for flexibility in selecting the combination of solar panels or other conventional sources like single phase electricity or Generators.




2. Solar Drives for AC Pumps RSI drives from GRUNDFOS allows using conventional 3 phase AC pumps to be connected to solar panels.  SP range from GRUNDFOS offers range of possibilities for varying head and discharge requirements.  These pumps now can be run off solar panels using RSI drives.    


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