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Wind System Design Shop

Wind system is more or less similar to PV system.  As it goes, wind is also a form of solar energy, just an indirect type.  Solar energy is responsible for both lighting and heating effect on the surface of the earth.  Due to variable heating on the surface, pressure difference occurs across the surface due to which wind blows.

The only difference between solar power and wind power is the source of power generation.  It is wind turbine, imagine a reverse fan, that is responsible for generation of electric current instead of PV modules.  Power conditioning, storage and conversion is exactly the same as that in PV system.

Generally, Wind turbines are rated in voltage and wattage @ rates speed.  Generally, wind output is rates at 10 m/s or approximately 30 km/hr wind speed.   The starting speed is usually 3m/s or approximate 10 km/hr.

To understand the power output, it is important to know the local wind speed where it is intended to mount the turbine.  Referring to users manual, you should be able to deduce expected output from the turbine at the given wind speed.  Also, average daily wind hours would help deduce the power generated by the wind turbine every day. 

Design of batteries, wind controllers and inverter follows the same rule as solar system.  Please refer to the solar system link under design shop for more on this.

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