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Solar Street Light
Using the most reliable components in the industry, DuSol has developed a whole new line of super efficient solar powered street lighting systems.  We have named them Perpetual Sox (PS) . Keeping true to its name, the product offers virtually perpetual operation of the street lights without requiring any external power connection.  With efficiency almost 3 times as that of normal street lights, Perpetual Sox make the best choice both in areas with no power supply as well as in areas with power availability.    Output from the lamp is pale yellow colored making the lamp most desirable on road and streets as the human response time is know to be the best in this conditions.  Moreover, reduced fatigue on the road is yet another advantage of PS street lights.

The system is shipped as a complete complete system (except for the pole) and can be mounted on poles at the best possible angle to capture the maximum sunlight.  PS3514 is best suited for 4-6meter poles and PS5507 and PS 5514 is suited for higher poles of up to 10 meters.  Our products has been tested in Dubai Airport and the reports have been very encouraging.
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