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Projects Completed by DuSOL in UAE


Solar Power RO System

Solar powered reverse osmosis system is a system that pumps water from deep bore well into the RO system. RO (reverse Osmosis) system then purifies this water into drinkable type. Water is then pumped 600 meters to an artificial lake. The lake provide fresh drinking water to Gazelles and other wild animals.

We have successfully designed / supplied / installed and commission the first RO system in Swaihan (20 kilometers inside the desert). System was commissioned on April 8, 2010 and was handed over on April 10, 2010.

Solar RO System

Partial view of the system installed (Total solar installed capacity = 45.54KWp) with power output in 3 phase.

Sunny Islands in action!

Reverse Osmosis system powered by the Solar system

Read outs of the RO system operation

Final output of clean water!

Projects Completed by Dusol

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