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Projects Completed by DuSOL in UAE


Solar Powered Remote Meter

Due to its inherent nature, solar system finds its use in variety of applications. In remote power applications, because of its sensitive nature a need for a extremely reliable energy system, it becomes paramount to know not only the characteristics of the load but also how the system will behave in remote environmental conditions. The knowledge of solar system components and its behavior in local conditions comes in handy when the solar systems of this nature are being planned for. Solar system to power a flow meter for a gas pipeline is how critical the demand for reliable source of energy can get.

The project, implemented for ADGAS, uses solar power to run remote flow meter that is used to monitor the flow of gas in a pipeline. The system, being in the middle of the desert, is exposed to severe environmental conditions like surface temperatures of 80‐90 degrees, sand storms and high humidity levels. Using amorphous solar modules and batteries that can sustain high temperatures, the system implemented now provides highly reliable source of power to these flow meters. The project has been running since early 2008 without any need for maintenance.

“The project was implemented successfully. We are consistently monitoring the performance of the system. The system will be replicated for our other requirements at other applications in the future” ‐ Remegio Luciano – Procurement engineer: Al‐Jaber Energy services, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Projects Completed by Dusol

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