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Power Back up System

System Overview

Places with erratic power supply with outages lasting over hours or even days, a power backup solution is used.  It comprises of AC to DC to AC inverter/charger.  When the supply is available, Inverter/charger supplies power to the home as well as charges the batteries.  Upon outage of power, the charged batteries are used for powering the home appliances through the inverter.

Functions of different components

AC-DC-AC inverter/charger: A typical back up system provides AC power without interruption to keep your critical equipment running during a power outage. Built with an automatic transfer switch, the inverter / charger unit switches to battery power during a blackout or brownout. When AC power is restored it automatically recharges the battery.

It is ideal for powering common loads such as refrigerators, computers, lights, small televisions, radios and fans.

 Batteries: Reservoirs of charge current that is being produced by solar panels, batteries are connected in combination of series or parallel to match the system voltage.  Apex stocks batteries from 7Amps to 415Amps in different voltages.

Reliability: As this is a system that depends heavily on the batteries which inherently are not known for their long life, this kind of systems tend to fail every now and then.  Also the inverters are not designed to function for prolong periods.

Viability: A system has a lot of inefficiencies like battery charging discharging inefficiencies and inverter and chargers inefficiencies.  Overall, loss of 20% of more can be assumed in the whole process.

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