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Projects Completed by DuSOL in UAE


Complete on-grid system

In the month of May of the year 2011, Apex Power Concepts officially become a solar power plant installer when it commissioned its very first +100KWp system. This 105.6KWp system indeed is a unique system in lot of respect.


After having gotten approval for total on grid systems within the region of Abu Dhabi, Apex Power Concepts bagged project to implement Grid connected system on the roof of Abu Dhabi Municipality HQ building. The system of 105.6KWp USING SHARP modules and Schneider Electric GT30E - 4 units was used for this purpose.

Apex, having accepted the challenge of putting the system on the roof which had severe limitations due to the age of the building, created a unique installation that has sheer 15 KGS/M2 of dead load. This is against a traditional installations that require almost 100KG/M2 in conventional roof mounted system.

The cluttered roof created additional challenges pushing APEX to pursue state of the art simulation softwares to minimize the effect of shading without compromising on the accessibility of the roof.

Apex is now aiming to venture into MW installations. Keep checking back on us as we are quite confident of getting into that league very soon.

Standing being laid out.


Solar system completely integrated

More panels- Complexity of the roof is apparent

Projects Completed by Dusol

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