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Solar System - Backup Power

System overview

Corporations have ventured into higher level of security from the conventional data back-up solutions.   Even the most reliable sources of power are becoming erratic due to several reasons.  At times, this interruption in power may last from several hours to several days.  In cases like these, it is recommended to back up the power source.  Power back up using solar systems is a reliable and affordable options where power is primarily used through grid.  In case of blackouts, solar power keeps pumping energy through the battery bank to run critical applications.

Functions of different components

Solar panel: Converts sun light into electric current.   Rated in terms of peak watts produced.  Apex stocks panels from 10Wp to 185Wp (70WHr to 1,295WHr @ 7 Hr Irradiance).  For higher requirement, multiple panels are used which are connected in combination of parallel and series connections.

Inverter: Power from the solar panel is both maximized and converted into AC using Grid connected inverter.  This inverter is also connected to the mains supply in order to balance the supply to the load as well as back to the grid.  Apex deals in highly efficient grid connected ‘pure sine wave’ inverters that use Maximum Power Point Technology (MPPT) for converting DC in AC current.

 Batteries: Reservoirs of charge current that is being produced by solar panels, batteries are connected in combination of series or parallel to match the system voltage.  Apex stocks batteries from 7Amps to 415Amps in different voltages.

Reliability: All the components are extremely reliable.  Solar panel usually has a life of over 30 years (crystalline types).  Inverters are very reliable even.  Batteries being deep cycle type would typically last 4-6 years after which they need replacement.

Viability: With millions of dollars worth of data stored in computers and back up devices, corporations would not pay heed to how much it costs to have a power back up system.  A solar array worth USD 10,000 can provide enough energy to power all the critical appliances and luminaries. 

Projects Completed by Dusol

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