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Solar System - Solar for Replenishing Batteries

System overview

Batteries are used in varied applications from cars to boats to recreation vehicles. Usage can range from for starting engines, running lights, playing music systems, and so on. These batteries are therefore highly prone to discharging when left unattended or if connected to one of the loads without keeping the engine running. Solar panels helps keep the batteries replenished thereby saving the batteries from excessive discharges leading to leading to extended battery lives.

Functions of different components

Solar panel: Converts sun light into electric current. Rated in terms of peak watts produced. Apex stocks panels from 10Wp to 185Wp (70WHr to 1,295WHr @ 7 Hr Irradiance). For higher requirement, multiple panels are used which are connected in combination of parallel and series connections.

Solar charge controller: Regulates charging and discharging of the batteries to optimize the ‘retained charge’ of the batteries and maximize the life of the batteries. Apex stocks controllers from 3Amps to 140 Amps (PV current or Load current). Parallel connections of controllers for higher capacities is possible by using current sensors in the loop of master-slave combinations. For SHS system with 1 panel, a controller of 12 Amps is sufficient.

Batteries: This type of system uses the batteries that are integral to the vehicle as these batteries are not exposed to deep discharges. However, in event of prolonged discharge, it is recommended to use SHS system instead of replenishing system.

Reliability: All the components in the SHS are extremely reliable. Solar panel usually has a life of over 30 years (crystalline types). Charge controllers are also very reliable.

Viability: In applications like RV which are taken for recreational purposes, the loads like music systems, interior lights are left on for prolonged durations. The batteries can only sustain for certain hours before they get discharged. In normal situations, it is only through the expensive engine-dynamo system that the batteries can be replenished. Solar system negates the need for running engine by directly replenishing batteries by providing the necessary power.

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