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Solar System - Water Pumps

System overview

Domestic use and irrigation in remote areas where grid connection is not available, solar and wind powered water pumping systems are used.   A battery less system starts pumping water the moment sun light falls on the solar array.  With longer days (summer time), solar pumping system produces more water.  Solar water pumping systems can have maximum lift of upto 120 meters and maximum flow of upto 80,000litres per day.

Functions of different components

Solar panel: Converts sun light into electric current.   Rated in terms of peak watts produced. Solar water pumping system requires anything from 160 W to 1200 W depending on the required lift and require flow.

Solar charge controller: MPPT type controller maximizes the power from the solar panel being fed into the submersible pump motor.  Integrated with switch, these controllers can be used to make the power source hybrid (generator/wind). 

Solar water pump:  Submersible type with common motor, pumps come in seven different types to meet different requirements.   With strong stainless steel body, these pumps are very durable and reliable for prolonged use. 

Reliability: All the components are extremely durable.  The life of the system can be upto 10 years or higher. 

Viability: A typical high end system would cost anything from USD 6000 to USD 8000.  This system would provide a flow of 11000 litres / hour at the height of 25 meters.

*Components are of energy saver types.  Apex has a ready stock of most of these components.

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